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I live in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. I am a work at home mom and meeting planner, who loves what I do in every way. I think I get the best of both worlds; a little travel and some home time with my little chicklets. In my spare time I enjoy hosting parties, art, cooking, crafting, re-doing furniture, wogging, tennis and shopping. I am going through a journey that I wanted to share. I hope in some small way it helps you.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life as we know it...now

How do you start a blog...I mean really start.  The very first entry can be quite intimidating.  Are people going to like it?  Are people going to like me?  My writing style, my pictures, my work, my glory.  Well not all my glory, I fully intend to share glory of others as well.  So in effort to not have it be so daunting to write this first post, I just have to pretend that I am the only one reading it.  Which is actually true!

They call me Christie.  Christine without the "n" is how I say to spell it since I get asked ALL the time.  I live in Portland, Oregon.  Originally from California, San Jose to be exact.  I don't really want to write a big ole long story about where I am from and how I came to be, cause that might be a bit boring.   Currently, I live in Beaverton with my husband and 2 year old little boy.  I am a stay at home meeting planner and mom.  Meaning I work for home sometimes a lot, and sometimes not so much, just depends on the clients or contracts I get for conventions or meetings that they need me to plan.  So you probably guessed it I am a planner.  A big planner...meaning I like to know and prepare for what is happening in the future.  Mostly long term things like parties, trips, work, anniversaries, birthdays.  I am not really a day to day planner, mostly a fly by the seat of my pants type, that's me, moment to moment.  Oh sorry I got lost on that Pretty Woman quote.  Back to our life as we know it...  So in my slow season I mainly hang out with my son and do not work.  This is where Portobello Road comes into play.  I need a hobby, not that I don't love being with my 2 year old.  But I just need a larger creative outlet.  I was an Interior Design Major before I switched to Hospitality Management.  And I grew up creating crafts for boutiques, took tons of art classes, drafting, designing...time to use it! 

I have been getting lost in blogland lately and I am just so impressed by Sausha at Show & Tell and Mandi at Vintage Revivals and many, many others!  I have been truly inspired!  So we had a garage sale last week, I made $100. And with that $100 I bought 10 pieces of furniture and this is where the story begins... Portobello Road is born.

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