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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Easy DIY Shutter project

Recently I did a make-over of my mother-in-laws new apartment.  A little house on the river is what I like to call it.  She had some very good basics for our foundation, like this headboard (which I would secretly would like to get my hands on to paint and distress).  She just needed a some pop!

On a budget of course I headed over to the ReStore.  A great inexpensive resource for any home building project.  I personally like to get paint there, check out the furniture, knobs, and doors.  On this particular trip I was looking for a shutter made out of real wood.  Found one!

I dusted off the cobwebs and old leaves with a broom. And put my sander to it, just to smooth it down really. I knew this did not have to be perfect in fact I wanted it to look worn.  

Then I painted it with this lovely green oops paint and my paint sprayer.  After it dried, I put on just one coat of poly. I use Minwax water based.  Since it would be hanging on a wall, one coat would do. If it were a heavy use piece I would have put several coats on to get a good seal.   I found this wreath a garage sale and wha-la! 

Cost of project: Shutter $3, Paint $2, Wreath $4

Happy Crafting,

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